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GriffinAI  Mission

To build a decentralized platform where people and AI Agents work together to create value in a permissionless and secure way.

The Opportunity We Embrace

In the Web2 world, companies like OpenAI offer services through APIs, for fiat payments, in a centrally controlled manner. However, the increasing sophistication of agents require a more advanced transaction framework.
Web3's peer-to-peer decentralized architecture is the perfect foundation for a new form of collaboration between AI and humans. It enables permissionless but secure transaction frameworks ready for AI age.

The Griffin, a mythical creature that combines a lion and an eagle, symbolises the powerful synergy of Web3 and AI technologies.

Core Components of GriffinAI Network

The GriffinAI network equips creators with the tools and resources needed to develop and monetize AI Agents built for their audience. The network gives agents the ability to work and collaborate autonomously.
Decentralized AI Network
Independent AI service providers provide resources such as LLMs, prompt libraries, and dataset to developers who build their agents. Each of them acts as a node operator, running the Griffin AI protocol.
Registry and Reputational System
The registry publicly records and tracks all changes using secure hashes stored on the blockchain, ensuring data is verifiable and unalterable.
AI Agent Framework
GriffinAI network equips creators with the tools and resources needed to develop and deploy AI Agents in the blockchain environment. Specialized protocols and tool libraries for blockchain interactions, creating a framework where AI Agents can autonomously perform tasks and work together.
Authentication and Payment Layer
The blockchain layer manages crucial smart contract functionalities, handling operations such as authentication, payments and escrow arrangements. This layer is vital for the autonomy of AI Agents and DApps.

GriffinAI Network

Who is GriffinAI for?

AI Solution Providers

Companies, projects and individuals offering services like LLMs, prompt libraries and computational resources
A project that develops its own fine-tuned version of the Meta Llama 3 Large Language Model
  • Provide your model to developers in permissionless way, without relying on approval of a corporation
  • Increase security with your trusted party status based on ratings your received from network participants

Agent Developers

Teams or Technical Individuals who can develop complex AI Agents
A project which develops a complex agent, such as for instance a crypto research analyst
  • Enable your agent to independently handle transactions like purchasing paid research report or accessing specific data upon its user request​
  • Boost your reputation and revenues by offering your agent services to Web3 users

Agent Creators

Non-technical users building their own customized AI Agents
DeFi power user from Argentina building a research analyst agent which speaks Spanish and focuses its research exclusively on DeFi projects​
  • Quickly develop your agent with an intuitive no-code interface
  • Enhance sales to Web3 users building on your reputation


DeFi DApps such as Wallets and DEXs, NFT Marketplaces and Blockchain Games
Wallets like MetaMask can integrate highly useful agents, such as the Transaction Execution Agent, to better serve their user base
  • Radically improve your users' experience by integrating AI Agents directly into your application
  • Eliminate the complexity of agent integration and managing LLM/agent usage and payments


Individuals who utilize AI Agents on the GriffinAI platform
A user new to crypto can explore agents and pick a version of Transaction Execution Agent, customize in his language for entry-level investors
  • Easily find and purchase the agents that best fits your needs
  • Keep it safe through verifying agent's ID and reputation score

What are AI Agents and What can they do?

How do they work on Chain?
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Bring your AI Agents on-chain via the world's first decentralized platform, making them more powerful and more useful.

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DApps as user of AI services

  • Team = 20%
  • Foundation and Future DAOs = 30%
  • Private Pre-Sale = 15-20%
  • Community, Grants, Partners = 20%
  • Airdrop 2024 = 5%
  • Liquidity & Liquidity Incentives = 5%
Foundation and Future DAOs = 50% liquid, 50% 3-year linear vesting
Private Pre-Sale = 3-year linear vesting
Community, Grants, Partners = 3-year linear vesting
Airdrop 2024 = LiquidLiquidity & Liquidity
Incentives = Liquid Allocation
Coder Incentives = 5-year vestingStaking
Incentives = 5-year vesting