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What is Griffin AI

Griffin AI is a Decentralized Protocol, designed to facilitate the management and interaction of AI agents and Large Language Models (LLMs), with Web 3.0 applications (DApps).

AI Solutions Providers

Griffin.AI Network

AI Solutions Providers

AI Solutions Providers

Griffin.AI Network

WEB 3 Applications


AI Solution providers

Griffin AI introduces a pioneering decentralized network architecture designed to host and coordinate a broad spectrum of AI services such as
Large Language Models (LLMs)
Access to a variety of open-source and proprietary LLMs, as well as other Machine Learning model
Middleware Services
Advanced data retrieval systems, orchestration pipelines for tailored context and prompt retrieval
Data Libraries
Comprehensive libraries providing standardized crypto specific datasets essential for AI training and operation
Prompt Libraries
A rich collection of pre-configured prompts that serve to streamline the deployment of AI models


DApps as user of AI services

Griffin AI enables DApps to seamlessly access and integrate AI Services into their offerings. It provides standardized protocols and interfaces as well as payment and registry infrastructure for seamless integration of AI into:
  • Wallets
  • DEXs
  • Lending Protocols
  • Blockchain Games
  • DAOs
  • ● Wallets
  • ● DEXs
  • ● Lending Protocols
  • ● Blockchain Games
  • ● DAOs


The mission of Griffin AI

In the Web2 realm, entities like OpenAI engage with clients through API interactions, with fiat payment depending on volume of word (tokens). However, the growing sophistication of interaction between AI agents and humans will necessitate far more nuanced transactional frameworks. Web3, with its intrinsic smart contract and decentralized architecture, enables a new paradigm of collaboration, allowing for complex, secure, and direct interactions between end-users and AI services. Griffin AI is at the vanguard, developing one of the inaugural prototypes for this revolutionary interaction model, leveraging DApps to redefine the dynamic collaboration between AI and human engagement.

Griffin AI Network components

Node network
AI Service Providers - encompassing entities, individuals, and AI agents - serve as node operators. Each node functions as a conduit to off-chain services, such as centrally hosted, API-accessed LLMs. This distributed architecture ensures enhanced resilience, negating single points of failure and guaranteeing a high degree of availability and redundancy.
Registry and reputational system
The registry, accessible to the public, facilitates validation and tracking of changes. Node operators incorporate in their responses dual hash sets: one for metadata, encompassing elements such as parameters, version numbers, and vector embeddings of code, along with a timestamp. These hashes are stored on the blockchain, assuring immutable records and providing unrestricted, permissionless verification access to users and agents.
Protocol / Smart Contracts
A robust blockchain layer that provides essential smart contract functionalities such as payments, account abstraction, escrow accounts, and more. These capabilities enable AI agents to independently execute transactions for necessary services, such as acquiring data or accessing LLM services, through micropayments
Decentralized Governance
Griffin implements a decentralized governance model, allowing node operators to participate in decision-making processes regarding network updates and policy changes. The governance model is designed to be transparent and autonomous, ensuring that the network evolves in response to the needs of its users and the broader AI and blockchain communities.

Node Networks

The network accommodates various operator capabilities through two client types:​
The comprehensive 'Lion' is a full capability node run by major utilizers of the Griffin AI network. Operator integrity is maintained through staking requirements, which are differentiated between the full and light clients.
The streamlined 'Eagle' is the light client for those with limited compute and storage capacities.This ​allows broader participation from Al agents and private individuals.


Real life examples

Research associate for wallet-user
An investor uses non-custodial wallet to invest in crypto. He becomes interested in specific token. To make a decision, he talks to his AI research associate who delivers him all relevant information including news, summaries of youtube and twitter, as well as some paid research. For this service the micropayments are made to AI research providers, paid research sites, etc. The AI agent corrdinates and executes transactions via Griffin AI network.
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Execution assistant for DEX user
A DeFi investor uses an AI-powered agent to find highest-yielding liquidity pools within certain risk parameters. Once, the investor confirms the desired yield strategy, the AI agent determines the most efficient and secure path to swap, bridge, deposit the asset in the desired pool. All of this is prepared by an semi-autonomous AI agent using blockchain specific tools. After investor approves in his wallet, the transactions are executed and the AI Agent shifts to a monitoring of the position – notifying the investor when adjustments are needed.
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