Revolutionizing AI Agents with
On-Chain Autonomy and Collaboration

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What are AI Agents?

AI Agents are intelligent programs that autonomously complete multi-step tasks. These agents can communicate with each other, utilize applications, and solve complex problems to achieve specific goals.

What can they do today?

Presently AI Agents are  in their infancy. The tasks they can complete autonomously are limited: virtual assistants with limited scope of operations, customer service chatbots, recommendations engines, etc.

The Agents of Tomorrow

In the future AI Agents will evolve into intelligent and autonomous companions to humans, capable to handle complex, multi-step tasks. They will be able to utilise different tools and services, work with other AI Agents and humans and make financial transactions.

Agents will thrive On-Chain

Web3-enabled agents hosted on the GriffinAI network represent the future of AI Agents. They will be much more advanced and be able to:

  • Securely communicate peer-to-peer and collaborate with other agents and humans;
  • Own their wallets and execute transactions cheap and fast on-chain;
  • Establish their own identity with the GriffinAI public key and build their reputation

Building First Agents on GriffinAI Network

Prior to the GriffinAI mainnet launch, 
we started with building several AI Agent in order to best equip them with everything they need on-chain.
After the mainnet launch, developers around the world can build any type of AI Agent and host them on the GriffinAI network

Leave DeFi Pain Behind - 
Welcome Your Dedicated AI Agent Team

DeFi represents the largest use case in crypto industry. Yet it poses daunting complexities for newcomers. To enhance user experience, our initial set of AI Agents is designed specifically for DeFi, fulfilling three essential roles:
Research Analyst
Risk Manager
Transaction Execution Manager

Elann.AI - Meet Your First Personal Research Analyst

  • Elann scans hundreds of news outlets, providing summaries tailored to your preference, from factual to simplified "explain like I'm five" styles.

  • It compiles real-time research reports, including price dynamics and relevant token or sector news.

  • Elann is now learning to speak, getting ready to engage in conversations with you.
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Vesper.AI - Your First Personal Transaction Execution Manager

First ever AI Agent that substitutes a human Investment Manager.
Talk to your wallet in Natural Language.
Vesper fundamentally changes the way humans interact with DeFi, solving a significant problem in the blockchain ecosystem.
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The Evolutionary Journey of Our AI Agents

Our agents are evolving much like children, growing through distinct stages of development. Starting as an iOS app, they advance into a B2B enterprise product. Their future stages include integration into the Griffin Network and eventually culminating as a prototype within the Agent Builder.
Q4 - 2023
iOS - Android App
Q1 - 2024
B2B via APIs
Partnership with Burrito/Bithumb
Agent on GriffinAI Network
Following the launch of mainnet
Agent Prototype for Creators
Upon the release of  the Griffin Agent Builder

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