Griffin AI FAQ

What are AI Agents and what can they do?
Agents are intelligent pieces of software that can operate autonomously to complete goal-oriented tasks. They can work together to problem solve and reason, to complete multi-step tasks, utilising tools and even make transactions independently.
What problems are Griffin AI aiming to solve?
Who are the founders behind GriffinAI
What kind of agents will we have first?
What can AI Agents do?
What are the core components of GriffinAI Network?
How can I be sure they are safe?
How can developers build their own agents
Why are AI Agents better on Chain:
How can I bring my AI Agents on-chain?
How can I verify the credibility of AI Agents on GriffinAI?
I’m not a developer, can I still create agents?
How can I partner with Griffin?
How can I get involved in the community?