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At GriffinAI, partnerships and collaboration are at the heart of our mission to build  better agents on-chain. We are seeking to partner with:
  • DApps and platforms for integration of AI Agents
  • Infrastructure providers and Developers  for connecting to GriffinAI network
If you're interested in enhancing your platform's functionality and growing your user base through seamless AI agent integration, contact us today to learn more!
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Partnerships for DApps and Platforms

Integrating AI Agents on the GriffinAI network radically improve user experience. 
Running a node on GriffinAI secures seamless agent integration into any DApp.

AI Agent Example

Elann.AI is our Research Investment Analyst Agent. Designed for wallets, exchanges, and any Dapp catering to crypto investors and traders, Elann.AI can dramatically enhance the value your platform offers. It aggregates and summarizes news from over 100 sources, presenting the information in the format and language of your choice, perfectly tailoring content to meet your users' preferences.
Our AI agent, Vesper.AI, serves as a transaction execution manager. Ideal for wallets, exchanges, and any platform that facilitates crypto transactions, Vesper allows you to “Talk to your wallet” like you would talk to your banker. You can ask questions, generate reports, find the best yields, and it can execute transactions for you like sending and swapping tokens, solving a major problem in the DeFi ecosystem.
Types of Potential Partners
Financial Platforms

Real life use case

Partnership between Elann.Ai and Burrito Wallet (Bithumb) - enabled by Smart Valor.
  • Bithumb is Korea’s 2nd largest exchange with over 7 million user, and their wallet Burrito is the most popular non-custodial wallet in Korea
  • In January 2024 Burritto and Elann.AI entered into partnership to develop a Korean version of our research analyst, and integrate it into burrito wallet as the first step
  • Korean users will now benefit from the research analyst agent that speaks their native language, delivering real-time research reports on their topics of choice.
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Lets Us help you easily integrate intelligent AI Agents into your application:

Are you Wallet, DEX, Exchange, NFT marketplace or DApp? Get in touch with us today and learn how to radically enhance your product with imbedded AI agents.
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Partnership for Developers & Infrastructure Providers

Upon the launch of GriffinAI network we are looking to onboard AI solution providers, 
Agent Developers and Infrastructure Providers.

By connecting to GriffinAI network they can do the following:
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AI solution providers
Companies, projects and individuals offering services like LLMs, prompt libraries and computational resources:
  • Provide services in a permissionless yet secure way
  • Boost your security through positive ratings by network participants.
Agent Developers
Technical Individuals or teams who can develop complex AI Agents:
  • Allow your agent to autonomously purchase research reports or access data per user requests.
  • Increase reputation and earnings by offering agent services to Web3 users.
Agents Creators
Non-technical users building their own customized AI Agents:
  • Quickly develop your agent with an intuitive no-code interface
  • Enhance sales to Web3 users building on your reputation

We are looking to partner with

Crypto related AI companies, Traditional AI companies, Decentralized Computing, 
Blockchains, & Data companies


Ambassador Program

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We are seeking like-minded AI & Web3 aficionados to spread the word drive adoption forward.

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Feedback & Suggestions

At Griffin, we highly value the feedback and suggestions from our community. Please help us by sharing your ideas and feedback with us using our form.
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Contributor Points Program

Become part of our community, earn points and help train our AI Agents. 
Earn with us while developing your AI skills!
Earn XP and unique NFTs by becoming an early supporter of GriffinAI.

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Season 1
In Season 1 users will be able to choose the most useful daily news, summarized by our AI Agent.
Season 2
In Season 2 we will enable you, our supporters, to interact with our AI Agents, train and test them!

Event Calendar

Want to meet the GriffinAI team in person? Stop by and say hello. 
We will be hosting events and meetups at following conferences:
15th – 16th May
Dortmund, Germany
29-31st May
Austin, Texas, US
6th - 7th June
Rotkreuz, Switzerland
Singapore Community Mixer
19th June
Higher Ground, Singapore
Singapore Community Mixer
8-11th July
Brussels, Belgium
5th – 6th September
Seoul, South Korea
TOKEN2049 Singapore
18th – 19th September
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore